It is one of the most recent and upcoming field in dentistry.It mainly includes prevention and management of orofacial injuries related to sports approx 30% dental injuries are due to sports.
Approximately 40% of a sports injuries involve face. The most important aspect in prevention is wearing helmet, face mask or mouth guards

What is mouth guard ?

It is the protective device for the mouth that covers teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to the the teeth gums and jaws.

What are the benefits for athlets?

1. Reduce possibility of a teeth begin loss or fracture.
2.Reduce possibility of jaw dislocation & fracture.
3. Reduce the risk of cuts and disfiguring face.
4. Provide comfort and enable to compete more competitively and perform more confidently.

What are the type of mouth guards?

1. Stock Mouthguards:

They have purchased from a sports store. They are less expensive. Ready to wear because one size is for all but they are not adapted to the teeth, so must be held in place by biting teeth together. They are least retentive often bulky and interfere with breathing and speaking. They offer less protection.

Boil and bite mouthguard

They are intermediate between atock and custom fabricated variety. They are fabricated by placing mouthguard form in boiling water to soften the material and then placed into mouth and adopted .It does not ofter proper fit and protectionto teeth.

Custom fabricatted mouthguard

They are made by dentist in clinic.They have superior adoptation and retention.They interfere least with speech and breathing.

Today's parents in this competative world are eager to develop and nurture their child sporting talents.
But at the same time it is very important part in participating in sports and can not be neglected
Prevention is always better than cure

Mouth guards are recommanded for which sports?

1. Acrobatics 12. Boxing
2. Field Events 13. Football
3. Gymnastics 14. Martial Arts
4. Inline skating 15. Squash
5. Skating bonrding 16. Water Polo
6. Surfing 17. Sky Diving
7. Score 18. Equestrian events
8. Weightlifting 19. Skiing
9. Baseball 20. bicycling
10.Feild Hockey 21. Volleyball 11.Wresling

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