Dentures replace your missing teeth. Regain the look, feel and function of natural teeth. Without support from the denture, facial muscles sag, making a person look older. You'll be able to eat and speak things that people often take for granted until their natural teeth are lost.

Types of Dentures

• "Removable' denture replace missing teeth. This denture fits over a small number of remaining natural teeth or implants
•'Partial' dentures replace a few missing teeth.
• “Full' or 'complete' dentures are needed all the natural teeth are missing.
These can be Conventional or Immediate dentures.
Conventional denture is made after all the teeth are extracted and tissues have healed. This may take at least 6-8 weeks.
Immediate complete denture is inserted as soon as all the teeth are removed. The wearer does not have to be without teeth during the healing period.However, bones and gums can shrink over time, especially during the first six months after the removal of teeth. Then the dentures may require rebasing or relining to fit properly.
The natural teeth must be prepared to provide stability and support for the denture. Let your dentist determine which denture would be suitable for you.

What will new denture feel like?

New dentures may feel awkward initially. It is not unusual to experience minor irritation or soreness. Saliva flow may temporarily increase. One or more follow-up appointments with the dentist are needed after a denture is inserted. If any problem persists consult your dentist.

Will dentures make me look different?

Dentures can be made to closely resemble your natal teeth that little change in appearance will be noticeable. Dentures may even improve the look of your smile and help fill out the appearance of your face and profit.

Will be able to eat with my dentures?

Eating will take a little practice. Start with soft foods out into small pieces. Chew slowly using both sides of your mouth. As you become accustomed to chewing add other foods until you return to your normal diet. Be cautious with hot or hard foods and sharp-edged bones or shells .

Will dentures change how I speak?

Pronouncing certain words may require practice. Read out loud and repeat troublesome words. You may find that your dentures occasionally slip when you laugh, cough or smile. Reposition the dentures by gently biting down and swallowing. If the problem persists, consult your dentist.

How long should i wear my dentures?

Your dentist will provide instructions about how long dentures should be kept in place. During the first few days, you may be advised to wear them most of the time, including while you sleep. After the initial adjustment period, you may be instructed to remove the dentures before going to bed. This allows gum tissues to rest and promotes oral health.

How do i take care of my dentures?

Dentures are very delicate and may break it dropped so be cautious Store your dentures away from children and pets.
Brush: Dentures must be brushed daily to remove food deposits and plaque. It's best to use a brush designed for cleaning dentures or a toothbrush with soft bristles.
Cleaning: Hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid are both acceptable for cleaning dentures Do not powdered household cleansers or bleach for cleaning the denture.
Step-by-step guide: First rinse away loose food particles. Next moisten the brush and apply denture cleanser. Brush every surface, scrubbing gently to avoid damage.
Keep dentures moist: Dentures may lose their shape they are allowed to dry. Dentures should be placed in a denture cleanser soaking solution or in water when not worn. Never place dentures in hot water which causes them to warp.

Do I need to care for my mouth?

Even with full dentures, you still need to take good care of your mouth. Every morning, brush your gums, tongue and palate with a soft-bristled brush before you put in your dentures, this remove plaque and stimulates circulation. A balanced diet for proper nutrition is also important for a healthy mouth.

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