The prettiest thing you can wear is your smile.On the wedding all the eyes are on a bride and a bride groom usually lot of importance is given to cloths, accessories , make up but smile is ignored.

The smile captured on this day is a life long treasure. A good smile makes anybody more confident.We help you to give that perfect radiant smile.

Following are the procedures which enhance your smile

1. Teeth whitening to improve tooth shade(lighter)
2. Cleaning and polishing: To remove surface deposited and stains.
3. Reshaping :Slight correction of shape to remove uneven edges if any
4. Treatment for gum: Removing gummy smile, bleeding gum, gum pigmentation removal etc.
5. Bonding : Correction for chipped teeth. 6. Veneers : composite or porcelain layer on the front surface especially 7. Tooth jewellery:Beautiful crystal is honded to the tooth. It is not only for brides or grooms but for the one who wants to smile confidently

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